Join PAL and have our bots lending your cryptocurrencies at best rates.

What is PAL?
Poloniex Automatic Lending is an automated bot that helps you lending your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Poloniex Exchange.
What's in it for you?
You will optimize your bitcoin lending, having it always allocated at the best possible interest rates at the moment.
What's in it for us?
You will share 8% of your earnings with us to help us maintain the service.
How do I start?
Sign up now and try the bot for free. If you like it, you can later deposit funds to keep it running.
What kind of returns can I expect?
Those are the current daily loan yields:
BTC 0.0032% 0.0526%
STR 0.0033% -
ETH 0.0001% 0.0194%
XRP 0.0001% 0.2900%
DOGE 0.0004% -
LTC 0.0018% 0.0860%
DASH 0.0009% -
XMR 0.0003% 0.0040%
IOT - 0.0000%
BCH - 0.0001%
USD - 0.0918%
DSH - 0.0209%
CLAM 0.1500% -
MAID 0.0001% -
USDT - -
BRL - -
NEO - -
QTUM - -
XEM - -
EOS - -
ZEC - -
HSR - -

This is not compounded, meaning if you reinvest your interests (which PAL does), this value will be higher.
What are the risks?
Poloniex enforces Margin Traders to honor their debts. You have the risk of having your coins held for, at most, 2 days. Read more in Poloniex Margin Trading guide
Learn more about PAL Here