Setting up API Keys

In order to allow PAL to lend your funds, we need to have an api key in your Poloniex account.

Don't Worry! With the api you will create, we will only be allowed to Lend whatever is in your lending balances.

Firstly, go to your poloniex account menu, and click API Keys :

If your API access is disabled, you should enable it. You will receive an email to confirm the API Access activation.
Api disabled

After confirming API access, you should create a new key:
Create key
Another will be sent to confirm the api key creation.

Make sure to uncheck "Enable Trading", since we don't need this permission.
Copy the api key and paste it in Poloniex Automatic Lending. Do the same thing with the Api Secret.
Now PAL is ready to work on your loans!

If you have not transfered your BTC to your Poloniex Lending balance, you should do it now. Click here to learn how to do it. Related links:
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