How it works

PAL is a bot that runs 24x7 querying Poloniex|Bitfinex Lending API, and creates loans trying to get the best interest rates, while having a high fulfillment rate, that is, having your coins lent at all times.

We do this by checking latest succesfull rates and comparing them to current open loan rates, analyzing if the interest rate trend is going up or down.

Additionally, if you an open loan that is not being taken for more than 10 minutes (configurable), PAL will cancel it and recreate it with a lower rate.

The loans are still all managed by Poloniex|Bitfinex. We only place the offers for you when lending balance is availabe. You will se the loans posted by PAL in you Poloniex account the same as a manually placed loan (we do identify the loans posted by PAL):

In order to keep ours services up, we charge an 8% of your earnings with the Bot.
You will see that you have an earning limit, and when it reaches 100%, you are required to make a deposit to increase it:

All accounts will start with a free 0.01 earning limit. Every time you receive a payment of a loan placed by PAL, the interest earned in this payment will count towards your earning limit.You are welcome to try out PAL with the initial limit which might be enough for you depending on the volume you are lending.

When you make a deposit to PAL, your limits will increase as follows:
Depositing 0.001 will increase your limit by 0.0125
Depositing 0.01 will increase your limit by 0.125
And so on. That means every deposit you do will increase your limit by 12.5 times the amount you deposited. That translates to 8% of your earnings.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation to Poloniex nor Bitfinex, nor we have access to your account besides the access granted by the API. In case of any questions, please contact us.

Bitfinex Users: Due to a limitation in Bitfinex API, we cannot identify the repayments that are made for the loans originated by PAL.
We then give a 5 day grace period after you first enable PAL for Bitfinex. In this period, any repayments you receive will not affect your earning limit. After the grace period all loan repayments will count towards your earnings - even if you manually created the loan.

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